End of the Line for Railroad Killer

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The man who is believed to have killed 15 people, including eight Texans, has been executed in Huntsville. Angel Resendiz, the infamous "Railroad Killer," was executed after his appeals were denied.

Five seperate appeals came before the US Supreme Court asking for a stay, with reasons ranging from his mental state to the type of drugs he would die by. But those appeals were denied, and at 8:05pm after a slight delay, Resendiz was pronounced dead.

His last statement was directed to the victims' families. "I want to ask if it is in your heart to forgive me," he said. You don't have to. I know I allowed the devil to rule my life. I just ask you to forgive me, and ask the Lord to forgive me for allowing the devil to deceive me. I thank God for having patience with me. I don't deserve to cause you pain. You did not deserve this. I deserve what I am getting."

They were words of remorse from a man officials described as fairly calm until the end. Clean-shaven unlike previous court appearances, Resendiz arrived in Huntsville Tuesday afternoon. As the day progressed, anti-death penalty protesters gathered on the corner down the street from the site of the execution.

Resendiz met with family members and authorities, then waited on the high court's ruling. He was originally scheduled to die at 6pm, but word on those failed appeals didn't come until around 7:30. Within half-an-hour, family members of victims and family of Resendiz were brought to their respective viewing rooms, where Resendiz received the lethal injection.

Resendiz is believed to be behind the murders of 13 people in just over two years, and a total of 15 people. His conviction was for the murder of a Houston woman back in 1998.

Some appeals made by Resendiz's attorneys went on the notion that the man was insane. He believed he was half-man, half-angel, and that he would be reincarnated in another person's body following his execution, which is the thirteenth in the state of Texas this year.