Anglican Leader Proposes Two-Tier Fellowship of Churches

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The leader of the world's feuding Anglicans is urging them to work toward a structure for co-existing despite differences on the roles of women and gays and over the authority of the Bible.

Archbishop Rowan Williams wrote to the Anglican Communion's 38 primates that "there is no way in which the Anglican Communion can remain unchanged by what is happening at the moment."

His letter is called a "reflection." It follows last week's General Convention of the Episcopal Church, the US branch of Anglicanism.

Episcopalians rejected demands from conservatives in Africa and at home that they elect no more gay bishops. They voted instead to call for "restraint." Episcopalians also ruffled some Anglicans by electing a woman as their presiding bishop.

Williams says the same two-tiered model could work within national churches, including the Episcopal Church where some parishes are in open revolt against their liberal leaders.

The Anglican Communion Network represents ten US conservative dioceses -- including the Diocese of Fort Worth -- and more than 900 parishes within the Episcopal Church. It's deciding whether to break from the denomination.

One of the largest Episcopal churches, Christ Church Episcopal in Plano, Texas, said Monday it'll leave the denomination because it opposes the national direction of the church.