Board Members Recommended for Animal Shelter

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The job status of the Brazos Animal Shelter's executive director was up for discussion today, but after meeting behind closed doors for over an hour, no action was taken. However, a list of candidates for the newly formed board was announced.

Last week the current three member board, County Judge Randy Sims, Bryan interim city manager, Kean Register and College Station city manager, Glen Brown announced they would step aside.

They asked for the shelter's operation committee to nominate people for a new 15 member board consisting of community members and representative from the city of Byran and College Station, and the county.

The nomination list is:
Laura Bostrom, Mary Kaye Moore, Jacque Flagg, Stacy Crowder, Dr. Nancy Schienost, Dr. Karen Snowden, Shane Phelps, Karen Neuman, Dr. Stacy Wigginton.

Brazos County Sheriff, Chief Deputy Jim Mann, Bryan Assistant Police, Chief David Slanker, College Station Assistant Police Chief, Scott McCollum, Lucy Wendt, and Dr. Don Davis. The city of College Station still has to appoint someone.

" I'm confident with the list. I think it's a good list. I think we've got some good people on there who are contentious and I think it's going to work good. Now remember that there will probably be some that will turn over each and every year because there will be staggered terms," said Brazos County Judge Randy Sims.

The formation of a new board must be approved by the Secretary of State's office. That could take up to three weeks. Judge Sims doesn't think there will be a problem with approval.