Justice for Immigrants

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The immigration reform movement is getting some heavenly help. A group called "Justice for Immigrant" has enlisted the aid of a local Catholic Church.

Santa Teresa's Catholic Church in Bryan is leading the charge to bring an immigration reform campaign to the area. Reverend John Korcsmar of Austin is coordinating a Catholic Campaign called "Justice for Immigrations: A Journey of Hope."

"The system that is set up is not working and we need to do something different that will be more beneficial for the common good," said Korcsmar.

The purpose of the campaign is to help the Catholic Church gain a stronger political voice when it comes to immigration issues.

The group would like to see Congress agree on a temporary worker program that would allow laborers from other countries to work in the U.S. legally, and broad based legalization allowing undocumented immigrants the chance to earn legal status if they demonstrate good moral character and build up equities in the U.S.

"Reunification of families is a very important issue. We believe in family values. We believe that families should be together and the reality is right now we have families that were born on both sides of the border," said Korcsmar.

Members of Santa Teresa's church have already pledged to support immigrants based on their religious teachings, whether it's legal or not.

"We want our brothers and sisters to be treated with dignity, with love, even with compassion. We're willing to help them always and we're willing to welcome them always," said Father Raymundo Chavez Vazquez, Pastor of Santa Teresa Catholic Church.