Property Taxes Due by End of Friday

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Brazos County is one of seven counties allowing taxpayers to pay half of the total amount due on or before November 30, then the second half no later then midnight Friday.

It's a deadline many people dread.

"We see frustrations, yes, and yes, people are frustrated. However, they've been very calm and very nice about waiting," Kristeen Roe with Brazos County's Tax Office said.

But some last-minute taxpayers say there's a purpose behind their procrastination.

"Well, I might as well keep the money as long as I can. There's no penalty in waiting until the last day," taxpayer Charlotte Woods said.

And rising appraisal rates makes it even harder to pay early.

"It's just like I can't get ahead of the game, but I know that's true for everybody," Woods said.

Tax officials say the reason behind the jump in property values is that the Bryan-College Station area is growing.

"The reason the appraisal is going up, in this particular area especially, is because our real estate market is booming," Roe said.

It's basic economics 101. When demand goes up, so do prices. So even if your property hasn't changed since its last appraisal, it may be worth more because more people want to buy property here.

"People are willing to pay a little bit more to live in those areas, and that raises property value, which means you will possibly pay more taxes," Roe said.

There are several options to get your payment in by midnight. The tax office in downtown Bryan has a drop slot to slip a check, cashier's check, or money order in before the deadline. Also, payments can be made online by credit card or check at official

If a payment isn't made on time, the taxpayer will face a hefty fine.

"After midnight your second half payment will automatically accrue a 13 percent penalty and interest; that's the maximum penalty," Roe said. "And then one percent for the first month of delinquency and then it will continue to accrue one percent interest until it's paid."

The tax office warns to watch out for one payment problem. If you pay online through your bank the deadline may not be met. The payment time is when the check mailed from your bank gets to the tax office.