Past Record Identifies Robbery Suspect

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We finally know the name of the man who was shot by authorities following an alleged robbery. Madison County Sheriff Dan Douget says the suspect has been identified as Floyd Tubbs, 27, of New Orleans. Not long after Tubbs was identified, he was discharged from the hospital and taken to jail.

Tubbs had refused to reveal his name since his arrest Sunday.
He's accused of robbing a couple at a Buffalo motel then fleeing in a stolen car. Officers caught up with him in Madisonville where Tubbs was wounded by a deputy after allegedly pointing a gun at authorities.

In Madison County, Tubbs is charged with two counts of attempted capital murder, possession of a firearm, and possession of drugs.
The Buffalo Police Department says charges are still pending.

Tubbs has a long list of criminal activity. He served time in New Orleans for armed robbery and has been charged for a variety of crimes in several other states.

Madison County officials say an unidentified man could face a charge of attempted capitol murder, after he pulled a gun on a sheriff's deputy. It started about 2:30 Sunday afternoon in Buffalo in Leon County. Authorities say the man pulled a gun on a couple in a motel parking lot. The assailant got away with a small amount of cash and fled south on I-45.

That's where Madison County deputies intercepted the man.
But he didn't pull over until blowing the tires on his stolen car.
It was then the man pointed a gun at deputies as they approached the vehicle.

He never fired, but one deputy fired a shotgun, hitting the suspect.

Police say the man is unable to talk because of injuries, but is communicating through writing. The man refuses to give his name. His condition has been upgraded to stable.

The man will not be charged until he's identified.

"Everything goes through your mind. You know my first instinct is the welfare of my deputies and so you know you just hope and pray that they're all right and everything worked out real good and I got some damaged cars, but we can live with that," said Madison County Sheriff Dan Douget.