Jaywalkers Bring in Over $12,000 to College Station

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Lots of people admit to doing it.

"Yeah a lot," said Texas A&M Student Danielle Wang. "The light here is just really slow so like if you're in a rush, everyone jaywalks."

Add to the mix nighttime revelry at Northgate and officers say jaywalking becomes more common. College Station Police gave out 96 jaywalking tickets over three nights last week.

Each ticket comes with a $180 fine.

"Especially just for Jay walking? That's more than a red light ticket," said Wang.

She's right, a ticket from a red light camera will cost drivers $75.

Police say drivers and walkers won't have to pay fines for either, as long as they obey traffic laws.

"I think people have become a little comfortable with large moving objects," said Edward Hahn.
"we expect them to stop for us, and there's no guarantee that they will."

$130 of that $180 fine goes back to the city's general fund.

Those 96 tickets netted the city $12,480.

College Station Police say they'll be out looking for jaywalkers every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

When they're not specifically targeting jaywalkers, patrol officers in the area will still be watching for violators.