Boy Recovering After Pit Bull Bite

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A 9-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull on Monday. The family shared their ordeal with News 3.

9-year-old Patrick Ezeh, his brother, sister, and a neighbor were all sitting on the front porch Monday night when a terrible thing happened.

A pit bull from a house two doors down broke its chain and charged after the children. The children sprinted toward the house, but Patrick couldn't outrun the dog.

" I got up and tried to run and I slipped off my shoe and that's when he started mauling on my leg, " said Patrick.

The animal's bite punctured Patrick's thigh and ripped his calf.

" When they ran through the door we heard screaming. It happened so fast. When my other son came in he said the dog is on Patrick and Patrick had literally crawled to the door with the dog gnawing on his leg," said Patrick's mother, Keisha Webster.

Patrick's father managed to get the dog off Patrick while someone called 9-1-1.

Patrick was rushed to St. Joseph's emergency room where he was stitched up and put in a cast. His family says he has been a trooper through this terrible ordeal and they're amazed by his strength.

As for the pit bull, its owner was fined and animal control will keep it rabies quarantine for 10 days. After that the owner can come get the dog. If not, it will be put down.

Patrick's family hopes the dog does not return to their neighborhood and Patrick's feeling about dogs have changed.

" Now that I got bit by a dog, now I don't really want to be around them,"said Patrick.

" It just wouldn't be a good idea for the dog to come back. For one, my son would be terrified and my daughter is also terrified she won't even sleep in her room at night. But we just thank God that he's o.k. and it was only a leg and not his face," said Webster.