Turner Filed Third Complaint Against Davis in January

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Day two of the court of inquiry revealed that a third complaint against Judge Rick Davis was filed by district attorney Bill Turner with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The complaint was filed January 20 of this year.

It was unclear if it was simply an addendum to a complaint filed by Turner in May of 2005.

Turner's first complaint to the board led to a reprimand of Davis in 2002.

Judge Davis testified that this latest complaint accuses him of stacking the grand jury in order to obtain an indictment against Turner.

He further testified that the affidavits he gathered that led to the court of inquiry were actually initially collected to formulate a response to the January complaint.

He says it's what he heard from the grand jurors that led to him to the conclusion that he needed to ask for a court of inquiry.

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct cannot comment on any pending investigation.