Health Science Center Expanding

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Texas A&M's Health Science Center may have hit a hole in one when it comes to finding new property to build on. Bryan's City Council passed a resolution supporting the sale or donation of the golf course property Thursday.

Texas A&M's Health Science Center is looking to expand, consolidate its campuses, and become more visible, according to the center's president, Dr. Nancy Dickey.

" We are embarking on a tremendous increase in the size of our college of medicine. Currently we admit 80 to 85 students per year and over the course of the next several years we're moving to 200 students per year," said Dr. Dickey.

Bryan's city council members are hoping to be part of that endeavor. So they are offering to close the city's golf course on the corner of Villa Maria and South College and offer that land to the Health Science Center.

" We've been trying to figure out for some time now how we could redevelop South College Avenue and this is probably our best opportunity , using that facility as a vehicle to generate funding to be able to do the redevelopment," said Bryan Mayor, Ernie Wentrcek.

The city has also been trying to figure out what to do with the golf course for quite some time. It needs major work and doesn't generate a lot of revenue. But the golf course isn't the only property in the running to house the center.

" The Health Science Center is continuing to look at a variety of options across the breadth of Bryan and College Station and it's premature for us to have come to a conclusion which one of those offers the greatest possibility," said Dr. Dickey.

However, Dr. Dickey says she appreciates the city's vote of confidence and the recognition of the value the Health Science Center brings.

Health Science Center officials and A&M's Board of Regents will meet at a later date to discuss all options.