Rift Remains Between DA, Davis

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Judge Rick Davis issued an official statement regarding the court of inquiry he called to investigate Assistant District Attorney Shane Phelps, a two-day hearing that further highlighted the division between the two sides.

"I requested a Court of Inquiry because I believed duty required me to do so in order to protect grand juries," Davis wrote. "I respect Judge Kent's ruling. As far as I am concerned, this matter is concluded."

Davis declined requests for an interview. During testimony Thursday, he said he used to have a good relationship with the district attorney's office, and that while he still had friends there, it was very awkward now. Struggling to maintain his composure, Davis said, "I don't like the things the way they are. I wish it were not as it was."

Thursday night on News 3, Phelps discussed the division between the two sides.

"Bill Turner has tried for five years to turn the other cheek, to take the gentleman's approach, to be as professional as he possibly could, and the onslaught has continued time after time," he said, adding that he saw no possibility of a reconciliation between the two sides.

Turner made a similar statement on the stand during Thursday testimony.

"The reason I'm hesitant, judge, to say what I think everyone would like to hear is after four years, I'm not sure there is anything that can be done that would prevent another outburst later," Turner said. "I've tried to distance myself. I've tried to stay away. I've tried not to. It calms down for a few months and it pops back up."

Brazos County Judge Randy Sims said that he has sat down with both Turner and Davis separately, asking each for a resolution.

"I said, 'Guys, this has got to stop,'" Sims said, "and I said, 'You know, the people hired you to do a job and they hired me to do a job, and I take it very seriously, the job they hired me to do, and I hope you do, too.' So maybe this thing will calm down. I don't know."