Beat The Summertime Heat

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As the temperatures in the Brazos Valley keep rising, so does the risk for heat related injuries. When it comes to heat, your body is like a car, if it over heats it can cause major or minor problems.

"There are three different illnesses that you can run into in the heat, there's heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke," said Dr. Jeremy White, The College Station Medical Center.

White says symptoms of heat illness such as pale skin, fatigue, dizziness and confusion can come while riding a bike, jogging through the neighborhood or working in the yard.

"In Texas where it's exceedingly hot you really shouldn't be planning to do your yard work between noon and 3:30, just be inside and do other things," said White.

With longer days and an abundance of sunshine, many head outdoors for fun in the sun. Otho Gammill says he spends a lot of time outdoors, but because of his age he takes extra precautions like drinking more fluids than normal.

"Exertion levels tend to fall naturally and you get more cautious and drink more fluids and take better care of yourself," said Otho Gammill, outdoorsman.

White says that's a good measure. He says young children and the elderly are at greater risk for heat related illnesses.

"These people might end up if they were doing too much just getting confused and you knowing why. They obviously need to be brought inside and assessed and cooled down very quickly and they need medical attention," said White.

But it's not just about the temperature, humid days are more dangerous. White also says you can never drink too much water. If you are elderly and taking prescription medications, check with a doctor to make sure the medicine won't interact with the heat.