Aggie Completes 7 1/2 Hour Space Walk

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HOUSTON (AP) - A key test of a daring yet wobbly spacewalking
technique that could be used someday to repair space shuttle heat
shields worked well Saturday.

It got good reviews from two of Discovery's astronauts who may
have to put it to work for real on Wednesday.

The repair simulation put them at the end of an oscillating, 100-foot combination of a robotic arm and an extension pole.

Astronaut Piers Sellers said made him feel "like a bug on the end of a fishing rod here."

In a seven-and-a-half hour spacewalk, the first of three orbital excursions planned for this mission, Sellers and Michael Fossum said they could do most of the mock tasks they were assigned with only moderate difficulty.

Fossum is a 1980 Texas A&M graduate.