TEEX Spanish Fire School Begins This Week

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After spending 26 hours on the road, Ignacio Lozoya Morales and his co-firefighters finally made it to College Station from Mexicali, Mexico.

"We are 43 firefighters, we are driving in four vans. Our van broke on the highway we fixed it and drove on to get here," said Ignacio Lozoya Morales, firefighter.

He and others from around the globe are in College Station this week for TEEX Spanish Fire School at the Bryaton Fire Field, registration started on Sunday.

"Firefighters, they don't have borders. We can go where ever we want to fight the fire or to get more experience," said Morales.

Morales has been attending the Spanish Fire School for four years. This year he is giving something back to his international colleagues and serving as an assistant instructor.

"I get a fire line with six firefighters and I teach how to fight the fire and how to control it," said Morales.

TEEX relies heavily on guest instructors like Morales to make make fire school successful.

"We have to rely on about 250 guest instructors that come from Spanish speaking countries throughout the world to help assist us in providing those courses," said Chief Les Bunte, TEEX.

Let's take a look at the numbers, this is the 40th annual Spanish Fire School serving more than 600 students from at least 15 countries. The work does stop here, in following weeks TEEX will hold industrial and municipal fire school.

"Virtually all the month of July is tied up with our annual schools where we have firefighters that come from all regions of the world," said Bunte.

For invaluable lessons in firefighting and life saving.