U.S. to China: Get Tough on Korea

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States wants China to exert more
pressure on North Korea to end its missile tests and return to international nuclear disarmament talks.

Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns says the aim is to show that Kim Jong Il's government has "no support in the world."

Burns also indicates the U.S. won't be granting North Korea the direct talks it's seeking in the wake of its test-firing of seven missiles.

He says, "We really don't see the logic of turning this
into a test of wills between two countries."

Burns says the diplomatic goal is to compel North Korea to return to the stalled six-nation talks, involving the Koreas, the United States, China,
Russia and Japan.

Burns says, "We're perfectly willing to sit down with them in that six-party environment."

Burns appeared on four of the Sunday morning news shows.