Animal Control Changes?

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Brazos County is getting ready for the upcoming 2006-2007 budget year. Monday the sheriff's office asked for a change in how animal control is handled in the county.
Sheriff Chris Kirk says the change would add a three member animal control unit to the sheriff's department, eliminating the contract with Bryan and College Station.

"Right now all of our patrol deputies are responding to livestock on the highway and other type of animal calls and we'll be able to redirect them to their essential duties and then have an animal control unit actually take the calls," Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said.

Bryan and College Station now handle animal control issues in the rural areas.
The animal control unit would take over this responsibility. The cities would only handle issues within city limits. Sheriff Chris Kirk says he has not contacted either city about the proposed change. County Judge Randy Sims seemed open to the idea.

Throughout the week county departments are scheduled to give budget requests during the county's annual budget hearings. The budget hearings end Friday, but the process lasts much longer. It will take about a month before the budget is approved.