Burton Bank Robber Caught On Tape

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Surveillance photos were taken just after the bank opened on June 23.

"We received a call that there had been an armed robber at the bank in Burton, the Burton State Bank. Of course patrol units on the road responded, investigators responded from here," said Billy Ruemke, Washington County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect left with $54,000 in cash, but when he tried to get away on a motorcycle a witness stepped in.

"The witness saw him and went around the corner with his pick-up truck and knocked him over. At that point, he got up and pulled his gun on the pickup driver and made him get out of his truck," said Ruemke.

The pick-up was later recovered at a vacant residence in Lee County. But even with both getaway vehicles in their possession, Washington County Sheriff's officials have been unable identify the suspect.

"He was described to us as a black male. He's around six feet tall, maybe a little taller. He wore his helmet the whole time in the bank," said Ruemke.

The sheriff's office is working with the Texas Rangers and the FBI and now they are asking for your help. They have not been able to trace the motorcycle back to an owner, but they're hoping some of its distinct features will be recognized by someone in the community and lead them to the suspect.

"Most of the motorcycles of that type have a small windshield on the front, that's missing. There was a piece of fiberglass body that was taped on the side, somebody might recognize that body," he said.

With the case still open, the sheriff's office is following up on all leads and the right lead could help solve this crime.

Anyone with information is asked to call Washington County Crime Stoppers at 979-836-8477. A cash reward will be given for information leading to an arrest and conviction.