Residents Concerned Over Prostitution In Bryan

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"If you see it you know it. What other excuse could there be for men and women dressed suggestively stopping vehicles," said Sedrick Gilbert, Bryan Resident.

Gilbert is concerned about the prostitution in his neighborhood.

"It's all during the day, where it's like a race track around here. You can see them going from corner to corner, back and forth," said Gilbert.

Residents say the prostitution problem is rampant often happening in broad daylight. In fact many residents, most of whom wouldn't go on camera, pointed a tree saying prostitution happens right there almost everyday.

"The prostitutes and the drug addicts, they actually sit under that tree. You can see the lighters lighting up from them smoking crack under the tree," said Gilbert.

Al Hauke with the Bryan Police Department says they're aware of the problem. This year they have conducted three undercover sting operations in the area. One of the operations took place this past weekend and led to 20 arrests

"Prostitution is related to our drug trade. Our drug addicts need drugs all the time and they're not afraid to put themselves out there," said Al Hauke, Bryan Police Department.

Many arrested have been arrested for prostitution before. Gilbert says he's happy the police are conducting stings, but they aren't going to solve the problem long term.

"More of a deterrent to it in this area would be to see boots on the ground. If the police patrol this street every night, you wouldn't see prostitutes and you wouldn't see drug addicts," said Gilbert.

Nevertheless, BPD feels they are sending the message that prostitution will not be tolerated. While Gilbert might not see more patrol cars, he can expect to see more sting operations in the area.