North Texas Governments Fuel Opposition to Airport Deal

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Two congressmen say they won't support a deal before Congress to settle a North Texas airport dispute over the Wright Amendment.

US Representatives Ralph Hall and Sam Johnson say they'll oppose the agreement between Dallas, Fort Worth, Love Field and DFW Airport.

The parties agreed to a compromise that would reduce the size of Love Field in exchange for eventually allowing long-haul flights from the Dallas airport.

The congressmen are worried about the deal's potential ramifications for other regional airports. They're scheduled to testify today at a House hearing on the matter.

The congressmen told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram they won't accept parts of the deal that could keep cities within 80 miles of DFW Airport from offering air-passenger service.

They're being urged on by opposition from cities such as McKinney and Sherman.

A spokesperson for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison says the Texas Senator's legislation to formalize the deal would not include the disputed provisions.