Queen Walker Sentenced

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A former Brazos County employee who stole thousands of dollars from the district attorney's office could spend the next eight years behind bars. Wednesday morning, District Judge Steve Smith sentenced Queen Walker to eight years in prison and ordered her to pay restitution of about $208,000.

Without a trace of emotion, Queen Walker awaited her punishment Wednesday morning.

"It's the judgment of this court that the defendant be sentenced to a term of eight years confinement in prison. Restitution in the amount of $207,969.10 is also ordered," 361st District Judge Steve Smith said.

Judge Smith also added a stipulation. If Walker pays back $100,000 by October 1, he will consider probation after she serves 120 days of her sentence.

"Well, we thought that was in the realm of possibilities," Walker's defense attorney David Barron said. "So, it was not a complete shock."

During the punishment hearing Barron had asked Judge Smith not to hand down a jail sentence, while the prosecution argued for a stiff sentence.

"Queen Walker should serve prison time for this theft because of her abuse of power and trust," a prosecutor with the Attorney General's Office said.

For 19 years Walker worked in the district attorney's office and witnesses testified she was well respected.

When thousands of dollars went missing from the office's victims' restitution account, it was hard for people to believe that Walker had been involved.

"Frankly, I feel the same sadness that many of us feel in this courtroom today that a good and decent individual somehow began to surrender to her darker side," Judge Smith said.

But even after a jury found the 63-year-old grandmother guilty in May, Walker maintains her innocence.

"She's fine, she's alright with it, I expected different alternatives and that was one of them," Barron said.

"Mrs. Walker nobody here today including me has taken any joy having this transpire," Judge Smith said. "But our system demands there is justice and I endeavor today to see justice has been done."

Walker could have faced anywhere from probation to 10 years in prison.

Walker's attorney, David Barron, says Walker is considering filing an appeal.