British Bankers to Face Enron-related Charges

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Three bankers facing Enron-related wire fraud charges in Texas left Britain today -- bound for Houston.

David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby - the so-called NatWest Three - boarded a commercial flight in London.

They're expected to face a bond hearing tomorrow.

Houston-based Enron filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001.

Both the House of Lords and the House of Commons mounted symbolic votes to protest Britain's compliance with a 2003 extradition treaty -- which has yet to be ratified by the US.

The men have denied the wire fraud allegations.

They allegedly advised NatWest in 2000 to sell part of an Enron business for less than the stake was worth.

Prosecutors say the men then left NatWest, bought into the Enron business themselves and sold it -- making more than two and a-half (M) million dollars each in the process.