Brazos Animal Shelter E.D. Resigns

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After weeks of speculation, the executive director of the Brazos Animal Shelter resigned Thursday.

Shelter board member and County Judge Randy Sims says Kelley Durham announced her resignation Thursday morning.

In a statement released Thursday by Kelley Durham's attorney, Durham announced her resignation effective June 30th.

For months, Durham and the current board haven't seen eye to eye.
But Durham made no mention of their relationship in her statement.

Rumors of her resignation had surfaced within the last few weeks.

"Kelley notified the staff and myself and we kind of wondered whether things were going to happen but it was really somewhat of a surprise," Melissa Jarrett with the Brazos Animal Shelter said.

Brazos County Judge Randy Sims says within the next 10 days the secretary of state should approve the new board and the old board will resign.

"It's great to have these 15 new people on board to lead the animal shelter and I'm looking forward to be honest with you to be saying thank you and I enjoyed what I did but it's time for me to go and I'm excited to resign from that board," Judge Sims said.

Sims says the new board will appoint an interim director, then they'll start the search for a permanent replacement.

"We've dealt with this before, we've had a period where we didn't have an executive director and the staff and myself are very committed to the organization and we'll just run things how they've always been and wait for direction from our new board," Jarrett said.

Finances of the shelter are still being scrutinized. Judge Sims says the board has yet to receive an audit. Once they do, he says it'll be handed over to the new board.

Sims won't comment on any financial compensation Durham may receive as part of her resignation.

She has accepted a job with SPCA in Houston.

Durham's attorney, Gaines West, released the following statement Thursday.

"Kelley Durham has resigned her post as Executive Director of the Brazos Animal Shelter effective June 30, 2006. Mrs. Durham said she has enjoyed a long relationship with the Animal Shelter and is gratified that the Board of the Shelter will be expanded to allow maximum community input into the future direction of the Shelter. Durham said she is grateful for her time with the Shelter and felt it was time to move on to new challenges and wishes the best to the new Board and to both Bryan and College Station as they develop their plans for the future of the Animal Shelter. Durham said she felt the timing was right to shift careers and has accepted a position as fund raiser in Houston for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Durham said while it is sad leaving behind her many friends at her workplace she will stay interested in the health and welfare of all animals in the Brazos Valley and she will support the Shelter as it works to meet the needs of our growing communities. Mrs. Durham further stated that she would decline making any further statements concerning her employment with the Shelter."