College Station Stallions are World Series Bound

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A College Station baseball team is getting a hero's sendoff Friday.

The College Station Stallions, a tournament team of all 12-year-old boys, are headed to the triple-A world series. The team leaves Saturday for Hutchinson, Kansas where they'll go up against 40 different teams from 11 different states.

For three years this team has been practicing and playing together.

"We're all friends and we're all friendly to each other and we always pick up each other," Stallion Jaxton McNair said.

"We're all friends and this is a great team to be with and it's fun to play with them," Stallion Cody Hamilton said.

Unlike other teams where players come and go, the College Station Stallions have bonded.

"The guys take a lot of pride in all going to school together and having those bragging rights so they're excited and we're ready to hit the road," Coach Trey Moore said.

On Saturday the team leaves for Kansas where the 12 and under Triple-A World Series sanctioned by the USSSA will take place.

And it's hard for these youngsters to hold in their excitement.

"Because we're going to win a championship and we're going to go at it together," McNair said.

"We're going to go at it good and we hope we're going to make it to the top three," Hamilton said.

A championship is not far-fetched. During the past year, the boys have complied a 38 and 12 record and in June, the team placed 3rd at the state tournament.

"My favorite part of coaching is seeing the boys deal with not only their successes but also their challenges and watch them grow up with each other and become dependent on the team," Coach Jon Turton said.

"I take a lot of pride in when these boys succeed and I don't take any credit for it I'm just trying to push them in the right way,'' Moore said.

And the right way has earned them a trip to the series.

"We're very happy and excited to represent Texas," Hamilton said.

Saturday they will when they go up against 40 different teams from 11 different states.