Fan Drive Keeps Brazos Cool

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Students from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi College of Nursing hosted "Keep Brazos Cool" Saturday afternoon. A fan drive to collect fans for low-income elderly in the community.

"There are some residents who are not able to either pay for their electricity or even have air conditioning or they don't have fans," Courtney Henson, event organizer.

Students organized the fan drive as part of a project for a community health class. But they didn't come up with the idea on a whim. Using census tracks, students conducted a community survey. They found more than 50 local homes without adequate air conditioning and in desperate need of fans.

"We did a survey about a month ago to see who would qualify and who needed fans and we found close to 60," said Henson.

With daily temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, it's unsafe to live without cool air. All of the homes receiving fans have at least one resident over age 60. An age group that is at high risk for heat related illnesses such as heat stroke.

"It is a risk, it's something that could possibly happen. These fans are not the only way to prevent it, but they are something that could make a big difference," said Henson.

All of the fans donated will be distributed to the homes in need next week. But the group was successful in collecting more than 60 fans. The remaining fans will be donated to Brazos Valley Community Action Agency or BVCAA-ElderAid and distributed to additional homes in the community that need a little cool air.