Local Businessman Authors Book

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"America is not based in race, religion, or territory or even language. It's based on a series of propositions that we live and agree by," said Ram Galindo, author.

That's the message Ram Galindo conveys in, "The Making of An American," his autobiography. Galindo first came to the Brazos Valley as a student at Texas A&M. Now he's an established businessman in Bryan and he says his story is one almost any American can relate to.

"I think you can change my name for the names of other people, about my age, that you know and the book will still have the same context," he said.

He originally wrote the book for his family, but later decided it was story he wanted to share with the Nation.

"It had a lot in common with everybody who made America what it is, so I decided to expand my message," said Galindo.

For Galindo finding a publisher wasn't easy.

"The name was attractive to all the publishers, but getting them to read the book was hard," he said.

After three years a publisher out of New York decided to take a chance on the book.

"They're doing a try out with with just a limited number of books that they send here for local distribution, those books are gone," said Galindo.

For any author, that's good news. Galindo says that's a further sign that no matter where you, or your ancestors, came from The Making of An American, is a story anyone living in this country can relate to.