Buffalo Residents High and Dry Due to Leak

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Many residents in Buffalo in Leon County have been living without water for days. The Flo Community Water Supply says it's addressing the issue. But some residents say, it's taking too long and they want the problem solved now.

"There's nothing you can do without water," said local resident Kyle Lee. "It is not a luxury. It is an absolute necessity.

Hundreds of Buffalo residents, like Lee and his family, have been living without water for days.

"My kids haven't been able to bathe," he said. "We can't wash dishes or clothes cause we haven't had water all weekend."

Lee says the water was turned off late last week. After making a phone call to Flo Community Water Supply, he learned the problem was due to a leak in a water line, and the company said they were addressing the issue. Now, days have passed and still no water.

"I can't understand letting your customers go five days straight without the slight drop of water or offering any aid," said Lee.

"We do know we have a problem," said Carolyn Tomko with Flo Water. "We're not shunning that. We're just trying to get to the bottom of it.

Flo water employees say they are working to fix the problem, but the number of irrate customers coming to their office has them a little scared, so they have a sheriff's deputy stationed there until closing.

"Coming in here talking to me, really cussing acting like a fool doesn't solve anything," Tomko said.

She adds they think they have found the leak causing the problem and some homes did get water service restored on Monday. But until the leak is fully repaired there's no guarantee that water will remain on.

"I'm going to say they're probably going to lose water because in order to fix these, you have to shut things down," Tomko said. "You can't keep the water flow and fix leaks."

For concerned residents like Lee, that isn't good news. He and his neighbors have been discussing ways to take legal action against the company, but even that won't change the conditions they've had to live with the past few days.

Flo Community Water Supply says they are taking water to homebound people and seniors. But once water is restored, customers will be under a boil order. That means all water must be boiled before it can be consumed.