College Station ISD Pay Raises

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College Station's school board met Tuesday night to discuss pay raises.
College Station Education Association representatives asked the board to consider increasing pay for support personnel to $9.76 an hour.

The living wage imitative is being pushed nationwide to raise the min mum wage to a level that allows full time workers to live self sufficiently. Last year a study deemed $9.76 the living wage for Brazos County. In 2003 some Texas A&M University employees began lobbying for an increased minimum wage on campus.

Bobby Slovak, President of the College Station Education Association and President Elect, Mary Howell made a presentation to the board during a workshop session, comparing the district's salaries to other districts similar in size. College Station ranks in the middle. While Slovak and Howell praised the board for approving pay raises over the past few years, they say it's time to increase the rate for hourly support personnel. The second option Slovak proposed was a flat $1,500 pay raise for certified employees.

Board members said the appreciated Slovak's and Howell's work on the presentation but decided to go with with administrators recommendations for pay increases which calls for a 5% increase in the district's salary schedule. Teachers will get a state mandated $2,000 raise.

Bryan's school board will also vote on a 5 percent district- wide pay increase next month.