Americans Evacuate War Torn Lebanon

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JERUSALEM -- Hezbollah has issued a statement saying none of its leaders or members was killed in a huge bombing raid in south Beirut.

Twenty-three tons of explosives were dropped on a bunker where Israeli military officials believe top leaders of the militant group may have been.

It's not the first time Israel has tried to take out the top man at Hezbollah. Last Friday, Israeli warplanes destroyed both his home and the group's headquarters, but he escaped.

The United States is ramping up its evacuation of citizens from Lebanon after a slow start.

A luxury cruise ship carrying a thousand Americans has now arrived in Larnaca, Cyprus, from war-torn Beirut. And according to a top State Department official, the first of the US chartered flights from Cyprus will be arriving with evacuees tomorrow at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Meanwhile, Americans still waiting to be evacuated from Beirut are being asked to contact the US Embassy and not go to the port themselves. US officials are expressing concerns about the safety of Americans.