Evacuees Arrive in Baltimore

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No doubt a joyous homecoming for the first Americans who fled Lebanon.

The first planeload of evacuees has arrived at Baltimore-Washington International-Thurgood Marshall Airport. The plane is believed to be carrying 141 adults and four infants.

Two other flights are scheduled in the coming days.

The Americans will be offered such aid as money, lodging, e-mail access, telephones and medical care. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich says some of the evacuees are coming to the US with next to nothing and need help.

Meantime, US Marines have hit the beaches in Beirut for the first time in more than two decades to assist in the evacuation of Americans from the war-torn nation.

All US forces left Lebanon within months after a suicide bombing in 1983 that killed 241 Americans. The Hezbollah militants fighting Israel are blamed for the bombing of the Marine barracks.