Local Rabbi Talks About Middle East Visits

The U.S. military continues to work on getting American citizens out of the worn torn region in the Middle East. A local Rabbi recalls the times Americans were flocking to Lebanon to vacation and sight see.

Rabbi Peter Tarlow watches the images of destruction in Lebanon and remembers his days as a tour guide in the historic region.

" The Middle East has great food, beautiful hotels, beautiful scenery, great beaches, and lots of history," said Tarlow.

The fighting between Hezbollah and Israel forced thousands to evacuate Lebanon and Beirut. Many Americans are trying to get back to the U.S. But Tarlow says many people have duel citizenship and consider the Middle East their home.

" They have families and have spent their lives in the Middle East and so they have very mixed feelings about do they want to leave or not leave," said Tarlow.

Tarlow was also a guest lecturer at the University of Haifa and spoke on issues about tourism security in Israel and he lectures all over the world about how terrorism and crime affects tourism.

" Many Middle Eastern countries are very much dependent on tourism as are many countries in the world because tourists bring in large amounts of money. Of course part of the job as a terrorist is to destroy the economy," said Tarlow.

Tarlow says terrorist groups rarely concentrate on just one area , their actions can spread to other parts of the world.

" The real issue we have to look at is either Israel deals with Hezbollah now or at some point we in the United States may discover serious problems that take place in this country also," said Tarlow.