Day-Flying Mosquitoes Test for West Nile

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There's a new twist on the West Nile outbreak in Brazos County. With a pair of new locations in the Twin Cities testing positive, there's also a new carrier.

Mosquitoes collected on Cabot Circle in Bryan have the disease. That's just north of MLK Drive near Highway 6.

The twist is that the carrier is a so-called day-flier. The Asian Tiger Mosquito is the culprit in this case. It's the first time this species has tested positive for West Nile in Brazos County, though it has carried the disease in other parts of Texas.

Residents in the Cabot Circle area are being notified at this time and are urged to during the day in addition to at dusk and dawn.

A separate pool of mosquitoes collected on Chesapeake Court in the Shenandoah subdivision of College Station also tested positive.