Billboard Draws Mixed Reactions

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Motorists passing the intersection of Briarcrest and HWY 6 can't help but be reminded of the immigration controversy. It's where a billboard reading Stop the Invasion Secure our borders stands.

Most residents we spoke to hadn't even noticed the message. But the ones that had, have mixed feelings.

"Well, it's free speech," said David Hall, local resident.

"I don't see why it would be offensive we've got to secure our borders," said Bill Cargill, local resident.

"I think it's a little bit offensive, these people have a right to be here," said Mark Williams, local resident.

Local activist Angelita Garcia Alonzo says once she saw the billboard, she decided to check the US Census to research it's message.

"If you compare 15 percent of the population in 1900 was foreign born to 11.5 percent today, there is no invasion," said Alonzo.

The billboard was paid for by the Grassfire organization. They say it represents the view of millions of citizens and it's an effort to inform people the country's borders have become war zones. In Alonzo's opinion that's false.

"Immigrants are not terrorists. Secure our borders? Most of the immigrants who are here illegally did not come illegally through the border," said Alonzo.

But agree or disagree, the same billboard has been put up around the country in states such as California and Arizona. At least a dozen more are planned for later this summer.