Students Digging for Artifacts at the Alamo

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Archaeology students are working to dig up more history at the Alamo.

Project directors are hoping the students from the University of
Texas at San Antonio can shed light on the history of the Texas
Revolution battle site. It's the first excavation at the former mission in more than ten years.

The students are digging in an area near the Long Barrack that is believed to be unexplored.

So far, the students have uncovered pottery shards, buttons, glass beads and grapeshot, which is a type of artillery projectile.

Alamo historian and curator Bruce Winders says he does not expect the dig to unearth the bodies of any Alamo defenders. They were burned on funeral pyres in other parts of the city.

He says that while the archaeologists are not looking for bodies, people were buried at the Alamo before the battle, and Mexican casualties were buried at the site in 1836.