Bryan's Council to Examine Two Projects

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As the deadline to accept a bid approaches, Bryan's City Council will get the latest details on the proposed Justice Center.

At Tuesday's meeting, city staff will present their findings from the last two weeks of studies. With the lowest construction bid coming in around $1.5 million over budget, staff has been exploring other options for the facility, including having the new building be home only to the police department and not the municipal court as originally planned.

Staff was also tasked to see if there were vacant buildings they could utilize instead of building a new one. Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn says they have looked at the newly-vacant Kroger building on Texas Avenue, along with a few other locations.

However, Dunn says using a vacant facility would not be a major money-saving move because of what would be a costly renovation process to meet standards for a police department.

The deadline to accept the current low bid on the justice center is August 8, which is the council meeting that follows Tuesday's.

Also on Tuesday's agenda, the council will look at a tax increment reinvestment zone created for the development of Burton Creek. Since last month, the TIRZ has been postponed indefinitely, but a pair of councilmembers put the issue back on the table.

The council has the option to name a board for the zone, or rescind the zone entirely.