Beaumont Super Calls for Seat Belts in Buses

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Beaumont school officials are asking the district board to approve putting seat belts in 30 new school buses.

The request comes four months after two students on the Beaumont
West Brook High School girls soccer team were killed in a March 29th bus accident. The team was traveling on a charter bus to a game in Humble.

Superintendent Carrol Thomas says adding seat belts is appropriate in light of the accident.

The state does not require seat belts in school buses.

Beaumont school officials will also propose tomorrow at a school
board meeting that district buses be used for all trips of 125 miles or less.

Officials say the addition of three-point lap-shoulder seat belts would cost about ten-thousand dollars per bus.

Transportation director Clifton Guillory says money the district saves by not using charter buses would offset the cost of installing seat belts.