BISD Construction

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In 2005, residents voted for $104 million in improvements at Bryan Independent School District. Now those dollars are being put to use. Several projects are underway and Crockett Elementary is one of the largest.

The school is getting a much needed face lift. It was built in the 1940's and renovations were done throughout the years. But Bryan's population is growing and so is the need for space.

"The capacity and the number of students here had grown so much that they needed some additions and renovations and the existing classrooms weren't adequate in space for the number of kids that were at the school," Bryan ISD's Construction Director Rachel Henderson said.

So now construction crews are working hard to get done before school starts. They're adding onto the school's kitchen, expanding the library, and building a new wing.

"The entire facility is being renovated with new finishes a lot of mechanical upgrades and then we have a new kindergarten classroom which will have four kindergarten classrooms and one preschool-school classroom as well," Eva Reed-Warden with Architect Studio said.

The kindergarten and preschool school classrooms won't be finished until January, but the rest of the renovations will be completed before the first day of school.

"We're ready for kids to come back we're excited," Henderson said. "Staff and teachers are so anxious to get into their new classrooms."

"I think there's always back up plans, but I think the bulk will be able to handle the kids as they come back," Reed-Warden said. "There may some minor things the contractor may have to complete after school starts but it will be ready to receive kids."

Other projects underway include Bonham Elementary, additions and renovations to Navarro, Houston, and Branch. And plans are underway for both the new high school and middle school.