Alleged Robertson County Rustlers Caught

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The investigation continues into an alleged cattle rustling ring in the Brazos Valley. Terry Meadors and Bryan Renfrow were arrested by Brazos County authorities Wednesday. They are believed to have stolen cows Monday and taken them to the livestock auction in Bryan.
But the two may also be behind numerous other cattle thefts in the last few months in Robertson County.

Thursday morning there was no crowd at Calvert's auction barn, just ranchers looking for answers.

"I had one cow that was going to have a calf and I missed her then another three came up missing," Robertson County rancher William Brunette said.

Brunette is a possible victim of cattle theft and he's not alone.

There are eight victims of the cattle rustling ring are, and they're all from Robertson County. As ranchers tell us there's an emotional toll that comes from losing your cattle.

"How does this make you feel? Bad, really bad, sad," Brunette said.

Brunette sold the rest of his herd after the incident, now he and his son are hoping to find the missing.

Robertson County Sheriff Gerald Yesak says investigators are still searching for information. He says about 50 cattle are missing.
Some have been recovered from a property owned by one of those arrested and now investigators are trying to match cattle to their owners.

"They have what's called a brucellosis tag in the ear and they'll take that number off they're going to put them in the squeeze shoot and record that number call the animal health commission in Austin and they'll find out who was the last recorded owner of that animal," Yesak said.

But some cows may not be easily identified.
That's why ranchers like the Brunettes are trying to spot their cattle.
So far their search has come up empty.

Terry Meadors is being held on a $50,000 bond. Bryan Renfrow bonded out today.
According to sheriff's reports, Renfrow confessed to helping Meadors steal the cattle.