Aggieland Rallies for Ill Father's Son

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One Texas A&M student who had a long journey to the big school now wants to make an important journey home. Mark Musumba's father paid his son's way to America. Now, he has fallen ill. And he's going to get a lot of help to return to Uganda.

His trip to Aggieland is a remarkable one. Mark Musumba fulfilled his Ugandan dream of an American education despite not immediately being accepted by A&M and losing his home because he couldn't find work. But with the help of First Christian Church of B/CS and United Campus Ministries, he's a grad student and a cadet.

Now, he has the need to see the man who got him here.

"I would like to go and see him, but he just wants me to complete what I'm doing here," Musumba said.

But that's not an option for Mark, whose father paid his way to the US. Now, high blood pressure, diabetes, and major complications from both have left his health failing. Mark's father nearly died, and still remains in poor condition.

Money is scarce, but with a 5-K run-walk this coming Saturday morning, Aggieland generosity could pave his way home. Hundreds are expected to turn out for the event.

"I was very surprised at how big it became," Musumba said of the event's build-up. "The only person who knew how my dad was doing was my pastor."

"When a friend needs help, you just step up," said Andrew Barton with United Campus Ministries. "We sent out fliers contacted people who could get the word out. We just did anything we could to make sure that we would have enough people show up."

Word has spread fast in a grassroots campaign spurred by religious groups, the Corps and friends.

Mark comes from a large clan in a small faraway land. But it's his Aggie tribe that could send him home for an all-too-important reunion.

When asked if this may be his final opportunity to see his father, a man he hasn't seen in years, Musumba said, "It might be, but I hope it's not the last."

The 5-K run-walk for Mark begins at 8 A-M on the south side of Reed Arena.

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