Firefighting: A Family Affair

Over the past few weeks, more than 3,400 firefighters have battled the flames at Brayton Fire Training School.
But among this band of brothers, is a pair actually linked by blood.

Danny Lammons has been coming to fire school with his dad, Keith, since he was 8 years old.

"He was right there with us every step of the way, if we had bunker clothes that small, he would have been out there with us, " said Keith Lammons.

"That's all I wanted to do, be right there in the middle of it. Like they say, you want to ride your dad's coat tails," said Danny Lammons.

And Danny has ridden his dad's coat tails all they way to the Lubbock Fire Department.
Not only do they serve side by side on a daily basis, the duo made the trip to College Station, not as father and son, but as co-instructors.

"We get along good, he's still the student and I'm still the old pro," said dad, Keith.

"My granddad was a firefighter, my dad's a firefighter, it's just something you're born into," Danny replied.

"It just fills my heart plum full. He's earned it, he's good at it and he'll get better," beamed Keith.

And for this brotherhood tested by fire, blood really is thicker than water.