Mumford ISD Accepting Transfer Students

Mumford Independent School District has seen an increase in transfer students.

Superintendent Pete Bienski says just in the last two days 20 transfer students have enrolled.

He says he's never seen this many students enroll in such a short period of time.

Mumford has classroom space for about 600 students and usually has an enrollment of about 475.

Bienski says transfers make up 90 percent of the entire student body and he doesn't see that changing this year.

He also says he doesn't think they'll hit their maximum enrollment.

The increase of transfer students comes after the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit filed their decision Monday, reversing a federal judge's decision that Mumford violated a desegregation order.

Thursday the Texas Education Agency said there was no longer a need for someone to help monitor how Mumford Independent School District accepts transfer students.

Don Robbins, who was assigned monitoring duty in 2002, says the TEA has relieved him of the assignment.