Local Pastor Says Goodbye

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After serving members of Central Baptist Church for 21 plus years, Associate Pastor Tim Skaggs is saying farewell. Sunday night a reception was held in his honor.

"It is a very difficult move. It is a great community and we really weren't looking to move. In fact, the only reason we're going is because we feel like God is calling us," said Tim Skaggs.

Although not originally from the Brazos Valley, Skaggs has been in the area since he left seminary. Now he and his wife are moving to west Texas where Skaggs will pastor his own church.

"We'll be going to Brownwood, Texas, Coggin Ave. Baptist Church in Brownwood. It's a town of about 20,000," he said.

With such a big move on the horizon, Skaggs can't help but think of memories he's leaving behind.

"The people that I've been able to share Jesus with and see them come to know Christ, to become a Christian and place their faith in Jesus, that's got to be the highlight," said Skaggs.

While he's looking forward to his move, leaving isn't exactly easy.

"My daughter learned to ride her bike right outside the old Central Baptist Church in the parking lot there. I think that's the hardest part, we have deep roots, very deep friendships. No doubt we are leaving a part of our heart and soul," said Skaggs.

Skaggs will begin at his new church by the end of August. Although he and his wife still have a lot of details to work out, he says he's confident God will take care of it all.