Valero Suing 42 Appraisal Districts Statewide

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Valero Energy Corp. has filed 150 lawsuits
against 42 appraisal districts across Texas, saying that assessments of its properties -- ranging from convenience stores to refineries -- are too much.

San Antonio-based Valero's appeals cover several years of
property assessments, with millions of dollars in already-paid tax
revenue at stake.

Robert Mott, an attorney for about a dozen appraisal districts says: "Basically, if Valero prevails, somebody has to pay that refund. And above all, someone has to pay the cost of litigating these things, and that's other property owners."

The tax disputes, which have been brewing for years, are heading
to court at a time of record Valero profits.

The company says that it's not fair that property appraisers have doubled the value of several properties.