Volunteers Participate in Dayz of Caring

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"It's a great feeling to help somebody that's helping so many members of our community," said Diane Dahm, volunteer.

From trimming trees, to painting walls and raking leaves, about a dozen College Station ISD administrators rolled up their sleeves and went to work for the United Way Dayz of Caring, a series of days where volunteers work on service projects to assist United Way agencies.

"We're part of the community and we feel it's important to help out other groups. The United Way helps lots of agencies that help the children within our school district as well as a lot of our staff members," said Dahm.

From t-shirts to supplies, community sponsors have made it possible for the United Way to put on the Dayz of Caring without spending a dime from their own budget.

"Nothing costs the United Way a nickel to do this and then we have about 14 different companies that have one or two teams that are doing things," said Hank Roraback, President and CEO, United Way of the Brazos Valley.

Roraback says this event has grown significantly throughout the years. In fact, the name recently changed from Day of Caring to Dayz of caring.

"We expanded it to a week so that the volunteers and agencies could get together and figure out what works best," he said.

College Station ISD is just one of many groups that will be doing good deeds this week. Other projects will be at local agencies like the Boys & Girls Club and Twin City Mission.

"Hundreds of volunteers are out this week doing things for our partners and in some cases some of their partners, yard work and all kinds of different things," said Roraback.

Things the agencies might not have the time or money to take care of on their own.