40 Years Since U.T. Tower Sniper Attack

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It's been a low-key observance on the University of Texas campus for Tuesday's 40th anniversary of the U.T. Tower massacre.

The school lowered flags to half-staff.

Seventeen people were killed and nearly three dozen others were
wounded by 25-year-old U.T. student Charles Whitman, who fired from
the tower's 28th-floor observation deck.

Law officers eventually killed Whitman to stop the carnage.

Authorities later discovered Whitman also had fatally stabbing his mother and his wife before going to the tower.

The U.T. Center for American History has accepted the donation of some personal papers about the shootings found in a box by a relative of Allen Hamilton.

Hamilton was the university's police chief back in 1966. The relative sold the documents to Half Price Books in Austin.

Company officials declined to identify the seller by name or say the price paid.