Amateur Race Car Driver Hits the Big Time

What does it take to become a professional stock car driver? A local amateur race car driver is about to find out.

Tommy Garcia of Bryan has been selected to be part of the reality show called "Racin' for a Livin'."

The show will bring a group of Nascar hopefuls together for a chance to advance their careers.

Fans voted for the rookies they wanted to see on the show, while the Rookies are put through tests of media endurance. The top 15 were announced Tuesday. Only 12 will make the cut into the program.

The Rookies will be trained and compete against each other on and off the track.

The veterans will narrow the field down to two. During the final program, the fans will vote for the Rookie they want to win. At the end, a live two hour special will reveal who the fans choose as their new Driver.

The winner will get a chance to, get reviewed by NASCAR for approval to compete in competition, enter, attempt to qualify and compete for seven races in the Nascar Busch Series, to prove his or her stuff with all they have learned.

If they win one of the races, they get a big monetary bonus and a possible debut in the Nascar Cup Series with the team, pending NASCAR's approval of the drivers ability.

Garcia has raced in the area for years and dreams of one day racing in front of thousands of fans.

Drivers submit themselves, and the veteran panel will review and decide which of the fifty the fans get to vote for.