Reaction to the TEA's Accountability Ratings

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The Texas Education Agency's accountability summary has some Brazos Valley schools scratching their heads. Bryan had three schools rated exemplary, but also had three schools rated academically unacceptable. While in College Station the number of exemplary schools went down.

Bryan ISD officials aren't happy about the ratings.

"We're devastated that this came out and that this happened to us because we worked so hard. We feel in a lot of ways we've let a lot of people down," said Mike Cargill, Bryan ISD Superintendent.

Bryan ISD met academic acceptance overall on the accountability ratings, even with three campuses rated unacceptable. To receive an acceptable rating, at least 60 percent of students had to pass the TAKS test. The three schools rated unacceptable this year, were rated acceptable last year. They are Bryan High, and Jane Long and SFA middle schools.

"Across the district we've made a lot of good progress, but specific small things can really hurt you sometimes," said Cargill.

August TEA ratings are unofficial, so while Bryan ISD did get three unacceptable ratings, they plan to appeal those decisions.

Cargill said, "There's enough discrepancy, I think we can make a pretty good case."

In the case of Bryan High, most TAKS test scores increased. However, special education scores went down causing the entire school's score to go down also.

"It's almost like getting a report card with all A's and B's, but you have one F on there and all of a sudden it means you failed the grade," said Cargill.

On the flip side, College Station ISD is pleased with their results.

"Our teachers, our students, they do a great job. One of the things I always keep in perspective, the TAKS test is one measure of success," said Eddie Coulson, College Station ISD Acting Superintendent.

Both districts have success stories. In College Station, Oakwood Intermediate and South Knoll Elementary were moved from acceptable to recognized. In Bryan, Johnson and Bowen Elementaries also improved, moving from the recognized category to the exemplary.