Bryan Man Continues His Neighborhood Watch

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Back in January, home surveillance footage caught a glimpse of what one man says is a regular occurrence -- vandals and thieves canvassing his Bryan neighborhood. Now, he thinks they could be back, and he wants it to stop.

After surveillance footage was broadcast in January, Steve Taylor says break-ins and vandalism at his and other homes on Tiffany Park Circle dropped.

"I haven't lost anything on my property since I've installed the system," he said. "In previous years, I was getting hit every five to six months.

"It usually will calm down for about five to six months, and then they'll come back," Taylor continued. "Apparently, that's what happened last Friday and Saturday night."

That's when Taylor's cameras caught who he believes are familiar faces but non-residents moving merchandise in the streets. The former law enforcement agent says some of these people have been there before, and has turned the footage over to police.

"Our traffic in the middle of the night dropped off substantially for about three to four months, and then it started picking back up recently, and then the crime started coming back," Taylor said.

Crime like a petty egging that sent neighbors rushing to their cars and chasing after five Bryan High students who were eventually caught.

Taylor says his cameras were a good investment.

"When they were combing in my garage when I was in the house and the house is occupied, that's a little bit much," he said.

But he also wishes the minor crimes would calm down because of more than videos.

"That's just typical of the activity that takes place over here at night with inadequate police resources," Taylor claimed.

But vandals beware -- one corner in Bryan is watching.

In response, Bryan Police officials say reported crimes in that area are among the lowest in the city, and that police patrols are equally distributed throughout Bryan.

They also emphasize that any person who sees or experiences a crime should call authorities immediately.