Bush Talks Immigration En Route to Crawford

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President Bush heads to Texas today for a briefer-than-usual ranch vacation.

A number of events are combining to make his ten-day stay in Crawford something less than a full-scale holiday.

On the way to the ranch, the president's stopping at the Border Patrol headquarters in Mission, Texas, to make another pitch for immigration reform.

And with the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict still raging, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be Bush's ranch guest at least through this weekend.

Usually, Bush spends most of August in Crawford. But this year, he's got campaign travel, a family wedding and other events to attend to.

Meantime, as soon as Bush leaves, the White House will begin a major remodeling of the White House briefing room. While the room and nearby work areas are gutted and rebuilt, reporters will work out of a conference center across Lafayette Park.