Human Case of West Nile In Brazos County

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The first human case of West Nile in Brazos County has been diagnosed.

Little is being released about the patient, but we do know it's a female who lives in Brazos County. The patient is over 65 years-old. As of Thursday night, she was in stable condition at the College Station Medical Center.

Tests done at The Med confirmed the case of West Nile. The Brazos County Health Department is still awaiting test results of their own.

According to the hospital, the patient has been there for several weeks. The state health department says most people infected with West Nile will not have signs of the illness.

Experts say only 20 percent of people infected will show mild signs. Even less people show severe signs; experts think it's somewhere around one percent. Severe symptoms of West Nile are high fever, disorientation, convulsions and muscle weakness.

The standard rules of prevention still stand. Always use insect repellent with DEET, dress in long sleeves and long pants, stay indoors during dawn and dusk, and drain any standing water around your house.

Once the county health department confirms a case, they will send letters to residents in that area to inform them.

For more facts on West Nile, go to the CDC's website: