Justice Center on Bryan Council Agenda

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Time is running out for Bryan City Council to decide what to do with a proposed justice center to house the police department and municpal court.

Council learned last month that all bids for the justice center exceeded the almost 15 million dollars the city set aside for construction.

The lowest bid was $17 million, and the sealed bids received June 16 are only good for 60 days.

That means Tuesday's meeting is the last chance council has to act before the bids expire.

City staff is prepared to tell council they have three options. Two of those both involve rejecting the bids.

The first calls for starting over and rebidding the project.

The second option is cutting municipal court and making the justice center a "police only" facility.

And the final option--which city staff are recommending--is accepting the low bid and proceeding with some items cut from the project.